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SpēdDial FAQ

Why did you decide to offer SpēdDial hinge clamp kits?

We were frustrated by the time and dexterity required to unfold and to fold our Brompton. We discovered others offered products to solve this problem, but they were expensive and only partly effective. Our idea was to produce a solution that was as effective as possible and to make it affordable by combining a few custom mass-produced parts with inexpensive off-the-shelf components.

How many turns does it take to tighten the clamps?

SpēdDial takes 3-1/2 turns.


How heavy are SpēdDial kits compared to stock Brompton parts?

SpēdDial kits weigh 119g (4.2 oz) for long wheelbase (post 2004) Bromptons, 122g (4.3oz) for short wheelbase. Stock parts they replace weigh 100g (3.6 oz).

Why is it so hard to tighten the nuts?
Early kits featured US 5/16-24 jam nuts mated to metric bolts. They start threading easily, then tighten up semi-permanently. Newer kits feature M8-1.25 jam nuts that have been squeezed so they grip the bolt tightly from opposite sides.


Why are there two sets of bolts?

Four standard sized bolts (2 for each frame type) were cheaper than two custom bolts that would fit both.


Why do we reuse the old washers?

The washers don't tend to wear much, so it would seem wasteful to replace them and to raise the price unnecessarily.

What if the nuts become loose?

M8 jam nuts - original or replacement - can gently be squeezed in a vise until they grip the bolts firmly.

Are replacement parts available?

In the unlikely event that they need to be replaced, M8-1.25 bolts can be purchased at auto parts or hardware stores. Excluding head height and depending on frame design, they are 50mm or 55mm long and fully threaded.

How durable are SpēdDials?
SpēdDial parts are as durable as those that come stock on Bromptons.
Handles are glass-filled Nylon. The retainers may show wear on some hinges.

Do SpēdDial kits require lubrication?

Original silver-colored SpēdDial plates are waxed for protection and to avoid sticking. Black edtion are filled with PTFE for the same purpose. Bolts come pre-greased. If the parts no longer move freely, they may be re-lubricated.

How hard is it to remove the handles for shipping?
You would have to wrench off the nuts and collect the various parts. You would have to replace worn nuts from time to time. The new jam nuts can stand up to repeated removal.

Do SpēdDials come in different colors?
At this time SpēdDial comes only with black handles. Both clear anodized and black plates are available. If there is demand, we may offer handles of most-requested colors.

Can I purchase SpēdDial directly from the manufacturer?
No, SpēdDial is sold only through dealers. By buying from a local dealer, you can try out the product before buying it, and benefit from their installation expertise. Dealers also absorb taxes and shipping costs.


Where is SpēdDial made?
SpēdDial is assembled in California from parts made in the USA and Asia.

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