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SpēdDial  Installation


Tools needed: 13mm (½”) wrench, clamp or hammer, wood block, felt pen


Unscrew old bolt, saving washer. Protecting  old handle with wood block, press handle or pound handle off. Use bolt to pry small washer from inside handle.

Keep both washers for re-use.


Insert new bolt into new handle. Place small washer on bolt, then big washer. Add new clamp plate, spring and retainer as shown, flared-end first.

Brass retainer must be installed OUTSIDE of spring, or it will be damaged.


Holding assembly by the retainer, rotate clamp plate until longer lobe engages fixed hinge plate. Close hinge and rotate handle to tighten bolt, pressing small washer into handle. When tight, mark  bolt head at preferred position of finger dimple.


Loosen bolt to press off and re-position handle. Re-tighten. Loosen bolt to allow hinge to open freely. Install lock-nut, plastic side (if there is one) facing out, turning until it touches stop.

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